Elounda and its surrounding area are a beautiful place to enjoy physical activities; not only water sports in the serene bay of Elounda, but also hiking, trekking and climbing in the mountains that are invitingly nearby.

Scuba diving / Snorkelling

Elounda is very well known for its beautiful bay, intriguing mountainous landscape and luxurious holiday resorts. The mild Mediterranean climate and water temperatures that pleasantly hob between 24 C in summer and 19C in winter time, make it ideal to explore the underwater world with scuba diving or snorkelling. A PADI certified diving centre is nearby Elounda Maris Villas.


The position of Elounda with islets of Spinalonga and Kolokytha lying protectively in front of it helps to create perfect wind surfing conditions throughout the year. Summer is also the time of the Meltemi winds, strong, steady northerly winds that sweep along the eastern coast of mainland Greece, through the Aegean islands and Cyclades to reach Crete. Meltemi winds create perfect windsurfing conditions!


Elounda has one of the most captivating scenery one can imagine in Crete to discover by foot. The small cobbled stone paths and the off road tracks, that used to be the only roads that connected the villages once upon a time, are still intact. They are a beautiful alternative way to discover the small traditional villages of the area and to see nature from a different angle, to meet the local people and get in touch with Cretan hospitality. Furthermore you can explore the mountainous hinterland with Mt. Oxá being the point with the most spectacular view. From here you can overlook the whole bay of Elounda and a large part of the Mirabello area. So, if you’re up to it, put on those walking shoes and get out there to discover the other’ Elounda any time of the year!


Challenging mountain bike tours lead along off-road tracks and pathways through the mountainous region of the surrounding area and Pano Mirabello combined with passages through small traditional villages with breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.


Apart from the outdoor activities described above, there is also a range of facilities for tennis, golf, fitness etc. For further information concerning sports and activities in the area, please feel free to contact us!